Setup Location for Inventory in Business Central

Setup Location for Inventory

Companies that keep items in an inventory wants to be able to identify them with its physical location.

  • We can define the locations in Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • To create a new Location, search for Locations and choose the related link.

  • The Locations list will open. Click on New --> New.

  • Fill the Code, this is the identifier for the Location. Add the name of the Location.

  • The Use As In-Transit toggle defines whether this location is used to transfer between two locations.

  • On the Address & Contact fasttab, we will enter the information of the Location.

  • To manage the Finance related information about the Location, we can define how the transactions are posted for the items kept in that Location.
  • For that, prepare the Inventory Posting Setup. We can setup by click on Locations --> Inventory Posting Setup action.

  • The Inventory Posting Setup page opens. Add the Invt. Posting Group Code and Inventory Account.

  • There are functionalities for locations in basic and advanced warehousing processes. In the Warehouse fasttab, we have setting for receiving, put-away, pick-up etc.

  • We can create Bin for each Location and set them on Bins and Bin Policies fasttab.

this is how you can "Setup Location for Inventory" in Business Central.


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