Implement D365 Finance and Operations

D365 finance and operations, allows businesses to reduce operating costs,Assess the health of your business, like communication, cooperation, transportation, to name a few, and further increases the performance of all business operational activities like real-time financial reporting, embedded analytics, and AI-driven insights.
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Bring all your ERP together with D365 finance and operations development

Microsoft D365 finance and operations development is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and suits the business platform of large and diversified companies. It allows your business to keep track of all your finances and inventory and lets your business adopt a holistic approach to getting the right solution to address your business challenges. Further helps your business to create a full-proof plan to handle its finances and operation.It is easy to be adjusted as per the demanding global financial requirements within our business. It offers a flexible, guided, rules-based chart of accounts and manages to change regulatory requirements with easy to configure tax, e-invoicing, payment and reporting formats, so your business doesn’t face the challenges of fitting in a new format.

Why choose us for D365 finance and operations ?

D365 finance and operations are available for any sized business, this end-to-end solution helps to break down silos, fuel business growth, and streamlines your business operations.


Real-time analytics

D365 finance and operations is a cloud-based service, so here your information always remains to be up-to-date, and you get the accurate information to make the smart decisions.


Business Scalability

D365 finance and operations development helps your business to scale up or down as needed, and make it a seamless journey for your business operations.


Predictive Analysis

Your business can anticipate the monthly operational costs and will let you pick only the required number of licenses needed for the individuals utilizing the solution. 

More Reasons to Choose D365 finance and operations

Enhances agility at work

With D365 for Finance and operations, you get the advantage of closing your books faster, deliver more robust reporting and increase your profitability with precise business intelligence.

User-friendly interface

D365 finance and operations offer a user interface that is very friendly and easy to use and can be managed by anyone easily.

A cloud-based SaaS

It provides secure and efficient capabilities for remote work and helps your business to get access to monthly, per-user billing cycles that let you scale up and down easily. Also, you get world-class hosting security and stability to run your business operations.

Manages your inventory, supply chain, and projects

One of the best D365 finance and operations development features is that it helps in automating tasks to increase productivity and unleash creativity across your enterprise, and handles tax and compliance for multi-currency.

Brings Automation, Efficiency, and Control

It helps your business to manage your finances: quote, invoice, make payments and collect, so it becomes easier for you to prepare financial statements and analyze 

Why choose us as trusted partner

At Sirius Dynamics, we have a team filled with technical and project management skills, who are there to deliver the critical business technology implementations without any issues. We are well-equipped with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite implementation, and we have delivered D365 finance and operations pricing as per the business requirements. Our team of dedicated and experienced consultants is committed to the delivery of D365 Finance & Operations on your business. We have deep industry experience in manufacturing, distribution, professional services, back-end retail & e-commerce (B2B and B2C), and financial services to your business model.


Need help for D365 finance and operations ?

We hold immense experience in migrating your existing ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning software to D365 Finance & Operations effortlessly. We use the proven data migration tools, to help you migrate all the pieces together within your business.