Create Payment Journal in Business Central

Payment Journal

The payment journal is a general journal that is optimized for making payments. You can quickly add lines manually, you can let Business Central suggest vendor payments, and you can apply the payment to posted documents.

  • Document Type: Type of document that the entry on journal line, for vendor payment select document type  Payment.
  • Account Type: Type of account that the entry on journal line, for vendor payment select account type Vendor.
  • Account No: Select vendor from a list for payment.
  • Payment Method Code: Define payment method for a vendor like, cheque or cash.
  • Bal. Account Type: Type of account that a balancing entry is posted to, for example Bank Account or Cash Account.
  • Bal. Account No: Select the specific account from where the amount is deducted, like Cash Account for cash purchases.
  • Appliest-to Doc Type: Type of document for that this journal line is posted like Invoice or Credit Memo.
  • Applies-to Doc No.: Select the relevant invoice for which you want to pay.
  • Click on Post/Print --> Post to post this journal.

  • You can find its effect on Vendor Ledger Entries. Click on Search icon and type Vendor Ledger Entries.

this is how you can create "Payment Journal" in Business Central.

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