Create Drop Shipment in Business Central

Drop Shipment

A Drop Shipment is when a vendor ships a product directly to a customer. The process flow is creating a sales order and linking it to a purchase order.

  • Create a basic sales order.

  • In Sales Line we do not have the Drop Shipment field by default, so we have to add that field by designing.
  • To design the page, click on Settings --> Design.

  • Drag the Drop Shipment field to Sales Line and fill the remaining field details.

  • Now, the Sales Order is ready.
  • Let’s create the Purchase Order.

  • On the Payment and Shipping fast tab, change the Ship-to field to Customer Address and select the Customer.

  • After defining the customer, choose Actions --> Functions --> Drop Shipment --> Get Sales Order.

  • Select the Sales Order and click OK.

  • It will create a new Purchase Line from the Sales Line.

  • To check the Purchase order from the Sales Line, click on More options --> Order --> Drop Shipment --> Sales Order.

  • The Sales Order will open, now choose the sales line, Order --> Drop Shipment --> Purchase Order.

  • To post the Drop Shipment, we can either Post the Sales Order or Receive the Purchase Order.
  • The Purchase order cannot be invoiced until we post the sales order.
  • So, let’s Post the sales order.

  • Now, let’s post the Purchase Order.

this is how you can create "Drop Shipment" and ship product directly to the customer.


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